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Method of Tamara Ternovska – Treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities

Treatment sessions are conducted daily on the outpatient basis. Treatment regimen is selected for each patient; individual rate of main components administration and the concentration of drug solution, homeopathic remedies and, depending on the stage veins dilation, compression composition, accompanying medication, depending on the health status of each individual patient, are determined. The process of treatment is the following: the patient is transferred to a special light diet. Treatment sessions are conducted every day on the outpatient basis. Individual treatment regimens are developed for each patient depending on the degree of varicose veins, age, physique build, allergic predisposition, including, in particular, homeopathic medicines and depending on the disease stage – compresses composition, accompanying medication, depending on the state of health of every individual patient. During the first session individual sensitivity to this treatment is determined. If there is intolerance (1 person per 1,000 cases), the patient won’t be treated by this method. Treatment of varicose veins of lower extremities also includes application of compress with tincture of herbs. Anti-inflammatory and antiedematous treatments is used which reduces blood viscosity, strengthens vasoconstrictor, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, disinfectant properties of specially selected herbs.

Treatment includes gradual reduction of varicose veins, knots and their return to normal size. The patients subjectively feel disappearance of pain, swelling in the extremities and appearance of lightness in the legs. The duration of treatment of varicose veins depends on the extent and prevalence of pathological process. Patients with varicose veins of stage I-III in case of tolerance of procedures components obtain one hundred percent positive outcome. The method also may be characterized by the fact that in order to prevent recurrence of the disease, especially in patients with obesity and those who are forced to stand for long day, special additional physical exercises are performed.

The advantages of this method of treatment in comparison with other methods include:

a) Use of active oxygen which is normally produced by cells of the immune system and is not harmful, but rather provides healing effect after introduction into human body;
b) T. Ternovska method of treatment lower extremities varicose veins makes it possible to use this method without age restrictions, and at the early stages of the disease, even at a young age, and even during lactation.

The efficiency of the process and the ability to apply this method without age restrictions are illustrated by the following example:
Example 1: Patient T., 47 years old (22 Jul 1956) on 07 Mar 2003 appealed to the clinic with varicose disease of stage II of the left lower extremity, shin and thigh. History includes varicose veins of the lower extremities for the past 19 years. Prior to treatment she complained of heaviness in the lower left extremity, swelling by the end of the day, dull, arching pain along the course of varicose veins. Objective data: left lower extremity shows varicose great saphenous vein and its ducts, slightly pastous shin. Area of popliteal fossa contains intertwined nodes of varicose veins. Palpable varicose veins are elastic, painless, without evidence of thrombosis and inflammation. The patient received 15 treatment sessions. Control examination was performed in 14 days, 1 year, and 6 years. There was complete recovery and good cosmetic and functional results were obtained.
Example 2 Patient S., 17 years old (17 Mar 1991) appealed on 26 Jan 2009 with the clinics of stage I of varicose veins of the lower extremities, shin and tight. History includes varicose veins of the lower extremities for the past 13 years. There are complaints on cosmetic defect. Objective data: both lower extremities contain varicose great saphenous veins and their ducts, process is more pronounced on the left. Palpable enlarged varicose veins are elastic, painless, without evidence of thrombosis and inflammation. Duplex scanning of lower extremities vessels on 13 Aug 2008 shows dilation of great saphenous veins on both sides; signs of valve failure are fixed along the entire length of extremities during compression test. There is bilateral dilation of perforating veins at the lower and middle third of the tibia with spontaneous blood flow from the superficial veins to the deep ones. Conclusion of ultrasound examination: signs of varicose superficial veins of the lower extremities, mainly the left ones, signs of chronic venous insufficiency. Patient received 4 treatment sessions. Control examination was performed in 14 days, 1 month, a year, a cosmetic defect of the lower extremities in the form of varicose veins was not found.

Follow-up of treatment outcome within 14 years has shown high effectiveness of this method. 50 – 60% of patients require additional treatment; compliance with guidelines reduces the risk of recurrence and advance of varicose veins.

So if your patient is only 14 years old or he wishes to preserve his venous vessels (and this is quite natural as far as there aren’t unnecessary organs or systems in a human body), you will need some sparing therapy that allows to save the vessels. And this is actually what Tamara Ternovskaya offers. This treatment is practiced in «Materinka», a medical centre, that provides motherly care to every patient. We guarantee a spare individual approach with preservation of cured vessel function.
Treatment of extremities varicosity, offered by Ternovskaya, is based on a recovery of varicose vein dilatation with the help of active oxygen.
These are the main stages of the treatment process: a week before a visit a patient is prescribed a special bland diet. This diet is also maintained during the treatment process and approximately up to 10 days after it is completed.
Treatment sessions are conducted on a daily basis, in out-patient mode. According to the specificities of patient’s condition, our specialist chooses an individual introduction speed and solution concentration inclusive of active oxygen. During the first session we define individual medicine responsiveness. Patients with extremities varicosity of І- ІV stages and persons over 40 have an additional compress with 10% medicinal plant extract that is applied after active oxygen introduction.
Compound of hand-picked medical plants, this extract has antiinflammatory, blood viscosity reducing, strengthening, vasotonic and vasoconstrictive, anesthetic, antibacterial, disinfecting properties.

While proceeding with the treatment the patients show gradual varicose veins reduction and recovery of their normal size. They feel no pain, dependent edema, cramps. Length of course for patients with stage І is up to 7 sessions; stage ІІ – from 15 to 25 sessions, ІІІ—ІV – over 25 sessions. If a patient with varicosity (stage І – ІІІ) is tolerant to solution inclusive of active oxygen, we will get practically 97% of recovery.

For the purpose of disease recurrence prevention, especially for patients with obesity or clients who mostly stand due to the peculiarities of their job, a specific physical exercise is prescribed.

So these are the advantages of treatment if comparing it with other methods: а) towards the treatment we use solution with active oxygen that is produced by immune system cells in health and is not harmful. On the contrary if introduced it has a healthcare effect on the human body; б) TREATMENT OF VARICES OFFERED BY TAMARA TERNOVSKAYA doesn’t mean vein or its part elimination with the preservation of their function. It is essential for patients and allows to apply this method without age limitation and in early stage of disease.

The method is harmless (it uses active oxygen – O). The method is indicated for the treatment of varicose veins in any age. Breast feeding mothers were treated without compromising the health of the baby. Thus, the method developed by T. Ternovska for treatment of varicose veins of the extremities is highly effective for the treatment of I – III stages of varicose veins of the extremities. The main achievement is its availability, efficiency and safety.

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