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Method of Tamara Ternovska includes treatment with preservation and restoration of venous valvular apparatus


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Method of Tamara Ternovska


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The best surgery is one that was avoided

Varicosity needs to be treated, as far as it has the risk of
haemorrhage, clotting, venous insufficiency,
and trophic ulcer development.
Human body is perfect and it doesn’t have any unnecessary organs or systems.

In 2003 Ukrainian doctor evolved a new method for varicosity treatment that involves active oxygen and doesn’t suppose any surgical procedures. Long term follow-up has confirmed high efficiency of this treatment on the stage – . The method was patented in 2009.

This method was elaborated by general practice doctor and family physician Tamara Ternovskaya, the owner of the medical professional category # 1 and 29 years of total medical service. The relevancy of a conservative (non-surgical) treatment of varices is determined by several facts. First of all it is statistics that shows 20-40 percents of population have this disease from childhood. Secondly, the author of the method has varicose veins, that in fact facilitated the conduction of initial experimental observation. Complete recovery and recurrence absence in prolonged period allowed to apply this method to other patients. Every patient gets individual dosage, introduction speed, mode of introduction and a number of treatment sessions according to his age, extent of disease, individual irritability and constitutional type. The method is absolutely harmless provided that all author’s recommendations are strictly followed. Under treatment we observe total health improvement. This method can be applied in varices treatment among different groups of patients – children, adults, people of advanced age, and nursing women. Eligibility to apply the method in early childhood and among the patients with early cases of disease is considered to be its main feature. All indicated above is possible due to Ternovskaya’s regimens and complex approach to treatment that result in veins preservation and their functionality restoring.

The developer has not transferred the right for his method usage to any other persons or institutions at this moment.


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If there is a desire to preserve existing venous vessels (as there are no extra organs and systems in the human body), the treatment of varicose veins should be performed using attenuated treatment preserving the vessel. This is a proprietary method of Tamara Ternovska.

The advantages of this method of treatment compared with other methods include:
a) treatment includes homeopathic medicines, compresses with herbs, medicinal solution comprising active oxygen, which is normally produced by cells of the immune system and is not harmful, but rather provides healing effect after introduction into human body; b) T.O. Ternovska treatment of lower extremities varicose veins does not include turn off of vein or its separate area and preserve its function, which is especially important for patients and makes it possible to apply this method without age restrictions, and at the early stages of the disease. The procedure lasts about an hour (the number of these sessions depends on each individual case) and allows immediate return to normal life.

Observations within 14 years has shown high effectiveness of this method. Vein treatment is required if there is a “real” lesion:

1. Vein protrudes above the level of the skin and is twisted;
2. It is not above the level of the skin, but it is twisted;
3. Ultrasound signs: retrograde blood flow, non-functioning vein valves and vein diameter that is greater than normal.
If a vein is visible through the delicate skin, it does not require treatment.

50 – 60% require additional treatment
Compliance with guidelines reduces the risk of recurrence and advance of varicose veins.

General contraindications to the treatment of varicose veins by T. Ternovska method

1) History of alcohol abuse and drug addiction hypnosis.
2) Dysplasia, malformation of blood vessels of the neck and head.
3) Atherosclerosis of the neck and head vessels.
4) Tumors with metastasis.
5) Severe anemia (hemoglobin less than 100 g/l (anemia)).
6) Hemophilia – congenital incoagulable blood.
7) Ulcerative colitis in the acute phase.
8) Blood pressure below 80 mm Hg.
9) Pregnancy, lactation.
10) Afibrinogenemia.
11) Capillarotoxicosis.
12) Thrombocytopenic purpura.
13) Disseminated intravascular coagulation.
14) Present erysipelas or its history, as treatment may be associated with acute disease in the form of cutaneous manifestations or phlebitis (included on 26 Jul 2016).
15) Arrhythmia.
16) Mental illness.
17) Non-compliance with the diet (food without salt and sugar) for 1 week prior to treatment.
18) Non-compliance with the diet (food without salt and sugar) for entire life, if there are trophic changes in the lower extremities (lipodermatosclerosis, pigmentation, ulceration or its history).
19) Phlebitis, thrombophlebitis.
20) Veins diameter of 10 mm or more.
21) Healthy veins.

Method of Tamara Ternovska treatment of lower extremities varicose veins using hydrogen peroxide is not possible trying a distance learning;

The right to use the method of T.O. Ternovska has not been transferred to any individual or organization yet.

All the subtleties of treatment with patented method of T.O.Ternovska (H2O2) are known only to the author.

Author is not responsible for unprofessional, amateurish, unlearned method use by others which could lead to serious complications.

Despite the apparent simplicity, this procedure requires experience and skill.

In health recovery center “Materinka” patients undergoing treatment under the supervision of the author of the method.

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